Basic Prints

what we do...


We have printing solutions for every requirement, from e-commerce small orders to larger scale retail quantites.

We keep the message simple here at Basic Print, we have the capacity to get it done and the printing facilities to print it.

We have perfect synchronization of a digital print with an automated screen printing machine allowing for perfect colour precision with high resolution printing and a huge colour spectrum at an affordable price and low volumes.



Hybrid printing


With the advancements in digital printing, paired with the clarity of screen printing, more and more customers are turning towards it as the future of garment printing. Reducing costs and easily producing high quality and high colour work allows you to offer variable data printing to all customers across all garments, including cotton, tri blends, polys and other synthetic t-shirts.

As the print method is digital, complex designs can be printed with ease -for example photographic prints or very intricate designs which other print methods would find impossible to achieve. The beauty of the hybrid is it is able to print specifics which digital cannot, we can pick out a particular pantone or a part of the design and screen print or embellish, within the same print process, allowing for no limitations including neons, glitters, foils, and all sorts of embellishments within the print. Hybrid screen printing is not limited to just cotton, its versatility allows screen printers to digitally print on mostly any fabric including polyester and synthetic materials.



We offer DIRECT TO GARMENT printing, we can achieve incredible print quality with a Fast Turnaround. With No Minimum Print Runs or set up costs this option is perfect for e commerce fulfilments and smaller quantities.


eco-friendly printing

Here at Basic, we do what we can to cater to the environment as well as our customers. By using water-based printing inks for both our screen printing and hybrid digital machines, we can offer a more eco-friendly way to print to garment. This not only is a plus to the environment but also for the childrens, babywear and pet market.  By using Basic Print your brand can be safe in the knowledge that your helping care for the environment by not using the plastisol inks of the past. We even go one step further and give you the option to use an Organic sustainable tee alongside the eco friendly printing option.


silk Screen printing

Silk screen printing involves applying ink directly to a garment through a screen. The process is perfect for large runs of custom t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts. Screen Printing is known for its longevity and colour vibrancy.


garment finishing

We will finish your garments here at Basic Print to the highest quality, as a standard, with no extra or hidden cost, adding a high quality finishing touch to your brands custom designs. With our automated packing system we offer the very best in garment finishing. We can remove back neck labels and rebrand your stock tees with an added back neck print with size and care instructions. Swing tags can also be added to each garment, with your brands design and for larger brands a barcode can be added to these swing labels to allow for easy reprocessing…. from your customers. We polybag each individual garment through our automated packing machine where we will barcode each bag for easy scanning at your warehouse.

Garment Finishing is the key to adding extra perceived value to your fashion range.

As a small extra we can add extra detailing such as hem/sleeve tags or prints, or why not add extra prints to your designs, from back to hood to sleeve prints this will add an extra perceived value to your designs and push your brands boundaries.


design hub

Our inhouse designers can design with your brand in mind, working with you to design graphics, logos, cads with your brands artworks onto shapes, or to see colour selections and changes, we can cater to your every design requirement with an inhouse versatile team of designers to help. You can be safe in the knowledge that we do not use freelance services so that your brands identity and forward approach stays exclusive to you.