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basic thinking ltd, uk

Basic Prints are a division of Basic Thinking Limited which has been established since 1995. Basic Thinking offers the design, sales and technical support to Basic Prints and our sister company ASK Clothing based in Egypt. Basic Thinking has been established for over 25 years with experience of manufacturing, fabric development, design, sales, sourcing and printing.


Our sister company ASK Clothing is based in the ancient port city of Alexandria in Egypt, ASK is a family run business with over 4 decades of experience in the textiles industry. Both companies have constantly evolved over the years, striving to be the best and to keep moving as the fashion trends change. ASK Clothing Company is a garment manufacturer producing 20,000 pieces a day in Egypt. We can either offer design support through Basic Thinking or manufacturer designs that you have already created,  or produce your own blanks and ship them to the UK for faster response to printing or embellishing. At ASK we also have a printing plant where we mirror our UK offer but at a much bigger scale. We can produce more high volume, cost effective garment manufacture with a short lead time compared to many other off-shore sources.