Basic Prints


Discover our Printing techniques using both digital and screen printing

We have a wide range of innovative techniques we can offer you to make your prints look extra special and give your garments the wow factor!

Discover our different techniques below

Waterbased screen and digital print

We use only waterbased inks for our standard printing which is ideal if you want a softer handfeel whilst caring for the environment.

Discharge screen printing

Discharge inks can be used on darker bases to strip the base of colour before printing to give a softer feel again and to also use a washed effect to the garment. 

In-line foiling

This blingy technique can be done on both our digital and screen printing as an in-line and in-registration technique which is very new to the UK and innovative using our hybrid machine.

In-line Flocking

Flocking fibres are used to create a fuzzy flock feel to a print, this is done also in-line and in registration on our hybrid machine.

Clear gel

A clear gel based ink which gives a wet, shiny look to your print

Glitter Ink

This gives a sparkly, grainy feel to your print, using a variety of different colours this can be very effective especially on childrenswear for added sparkle.

High Density Ink

By printing several layers on top of each other which is done using a screen and ink process, we can achieve a 3d high build look to your print.

Puff Print

The inks expand through the drying process, giving a lifted, puffed up print effect. This technique has a variety of different puff levels.

Reflective screen printing

Luminous in the dark and perfect for taking pictures in low light.

Metallic inks

Most commonly used in silver and gold, but can also be used in an array of colours, the ink has a  slight sparkle.

suede inks

This 3d raised print technique has a suede, soft handfeel.

We can use all of these techniques alongside our digital printing which gives a really new look to the printing sector.